updating your website

Keeping information on your website up to date helps build trust between you and your customers. Existing and prospective customers rely on your site for useful information that satisfies their search needs. You may think this is an obvious thing to do, but many businesses often forget to include key updates or changes to their existing web pages.

We have shared 3 things for you to consider when it comes to updating your website.

1. Remember to update your news section

Try to share company updates, key activities or upcoming events in your news section. Think about embedding a linked social media carousel to your news page or homepage, so that existing or prospective customers can see regular content shared on your social platforms.

2. Keep your team list, or meet the team page updated

Remove old team members and add new ones as it is important for prospective customers to know who to contact. Another thing you can do is to add your team member’s LinkedIn profiles to their profiles, this helps people connect with your team and boosts traffic to your company’s LinkedIn page.

3. Avoid including a date in your website footer

By adding a date to the bottom of your website it shows your customers when your website was created or last updated. This will draw attention to your website in the wrong way if it is out of date.

Implementing these 3 things are each simple but are all effective ways to ensure your customers receive timely and accurate information on what your business has to offer.

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