A day in the life of a digital marketing manager

Ever wondered what it’s like working in digital marketing?

We’ve asked Jasmine, our digital marketing manager, to share details on how she got into the digital marketing world and what things she gets up to in her role.

Why did you decide to work in digital marketing?

‘I think I first realised my passion for digital marketing when I was in University studying Business Management. I was fascinated with the psychology behind virtually selling a product or service to a consumer and the online decision making process. I’ve also always loved technology and how digitalisation impacts the way businesses can reach and stay connected with their customers. As a child I enjoyed creative writing and loved making art, whether it was a painting or taking a photograph. After my first year at University, I realised that digital marketing combined most of my interests, as it allows me to use exciting tools and software, be creative and learn innovative ways to support businesses and communicate with people around the world.’

What was your first digital marketing job and how did you find it?

‘My first digital marketing job was working as an assistant at a publishing company. I was put in a team of around 8 other marketing assistants and we mostly worked on adding book information into automated email templates and some paid social media campaigns. Luckily the company was really invested in their staff and I had a lot of training where I learnt a lot about using customer relationship management tools. The job itself was rather monotonous and I felt like I wasn’t exploring my full creative potential, so I left and started a role that involved more PR and creative content work.’

What is it like working for a marketing agency?

‘It is honestly so exciting and extremely rewarding! I get to work with a range of different clients and produce a variety of content which never gets boring. We have clients across such a broad set of industries, so I get to research and learn about things I’d have never come across if it weren’t for this job! Our clients come to us because they need help and support with tasks they either don’t know how to do or don’t have the time to do, so I usually feel like a digital superhero at the end of the day! It can get really busy when you have a lot of deadlines and tasks to do, but I enjoy the fast pace of it all and love working with such interesting people.’

What does an average day look like for you?

‘I have the luxury of being a remote worker, so I try to mix things up everyday. Once I’m out of bed and ready for the day, I usually spend about 30 mins scrolling through social media, sipping a strong black coffee, before writing a to-do list. I’ll then spend another 30 mins replying to emails or calling clients for a catch up. I usually feel quite creative in the mornings, so I spend a couple of hours creating social media content before I take my dog out for a walk at lunch. I then get back on social media and share posts or engage with followers. I like to head to my gym after that and work out of the business centre for another couple of hours on either reports, admin tasks or touching base with the team before I go for a swim. I then head home and usually write an article for a blog, work on a website or research industry trends for my clients.’

What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a digital marketer?

‘A lot of people think you need to be tech savvy or have a degree in marketing to become a marketer, this really isn’t true. Most of my skills and knowledge I learnt ‘on the job’ either by training with colleagues or simply playing around with software and other online tools. If you haven’t worked in digital marketing before, I would definitely recommend you start by applying for an internship with a company that offers training and support to get you started. I would say this career is best suited for someone with a lot of patience, determination and enthusiasm to learn and keep learning. The digital world changes everyday (literally) and it might feel overwhelming but it’s important to take a digital break every now and then to refocus your mind.’

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