Finding it hard to find time for Social Media while running a business? Me too! Here are a few tips

Have you ever struggled to find the time to manage your own or your companies social media? The answer is YES, everyone has. If your answer is NO then you are a super human. As mentioned in a previous article, sales is changing and changing fast and this is becoming a necessary tool in generating leads. Putting all the time and energy into social media when you are also trying to run a company can be draining and you might not be getting the results you were hoping for. Making time for social media can be very tricky. This may shock you as this is what I do for a living but I personally find it very hard to manage my own social media accounts when I am looking after so many other peoples. It really takes a certain head space for me to feel like I have the time and energy to sit down and talk about myself, what I've been up to and my company in general when all iv'e been doing that day is exactly that for others. I'm sure many of you feel the same way when you have completed your '9-5' and then try and then sit down and think of social media, so you are not alone! It is always beneficial to have an ‘outsider’ look in and sometimes going to an agency or a freelancer for pointers or an overview is super handy to give you some direction. Of course also having someone who understand's and use's platform insights and analytics can be a very useful tool for you to make sure your posting content that your community actually wants to see.

Here are my top tips of how to get started (without wasting your valuable time):

1.   Pick one platform to start with, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or another one from the growing list of choices. Don’t try and do everything at once. Learn a little about the platforms before you decide. They do have different characteristics and are therefore somewhat different in how you can best present yourself. For example, LinkedIn is more popular in the business world and has a very large international following. Meanwhile, Instagram is more visually oriented by pictures and videos.

2.   Be yourself. Share, tweet and post the things that interest you. It does not have to be related to your business. It can be something that will make people smile, and this can help in those times where you feel social media is a chore.

3.   The primary goal on social media is to build relationships and add value. So engage, engage, engage and just chat to people. You might have fun! I have met so many friends on social media who support me when I need it.

4. Commit to 'Your hour of power'. Getting started and set up with these platforms is quick and easy. Opening an account costs nothing, and posting is free. In a few minutes, you can be up and running. Within an hour, you can reach out and connect with friends, co-workers, and customers. That’s it. In one hour, at zero cost, you can start to build your community. The cost in time and money is negligible, but the potential payback is immeasurable.

Get in touch if you need any pointers or have any questions about how best to make time for Social Media in your.

by Abbie Parrish - Founder / Director of Marketing Smartly Ltd. 2020

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