Hello! Welcome to our new BLOG

Hi there!

And welcome to our new Marketing Smartly blog – I thought I would give you a brief introduction to what it is all about, what you can expect and how you can get involved.

Firstly, this blog is a small corner of the internet where you can find tips, tricks, advice and up to date trends on digital marketing. We hope to keep our posts short, but we cannot promise we will be able to resist writing a long one every now and then.

What we can promise, however, is that we will keep it relevant, opinion based and make sure it relates to what is going on in the world around us and the Industry we are part of. We have clients in many different industries so we will try to make them as varied as we can.

If it so happens that you find one of our blog posts interesting and have a comment or a question, you are more than welcome to get in touch via the discussion section below every post. We love to chat and get other peoples input, and thoughts.

*Prepare for the boring part* Finally, our blog posts are, in fact, our blog posts and belong the authors. So please do not misuse them. But you are always more than welcome to share them around if you know someone who might also like to read it. Perhaps you simply feel like sharing the blog post to the world! That would be perfectly fine as well.

That’s it! See, that wasn’t really a long post, was it?

See you out there!

Marketing Smartly Ltd – Abbie Parrish, Founder/Director