Marketing Your Business Post Lockdown

Throughout lockdown, your business may have been forced to focus more on your digital marketing strategy in order to drive leads and maintain sales. With restrictions easing and many businesses resuming regular offline working activities, we have shared a few reasons why it is crucial to stay on top of your digital marketing and not forget your online customers.

Update your website

Keeping your online customers updated on any changes to your online or offline business activities and other news is extremely important. Remember to inform people of any changes to your working locations, hours, and even services. Make sure your listings on Google Local and Bing provide accurate information and match your website. If you have any promotions or discounts, be sure to share the details both online and offline.

Marketing Smartly

Don’t give up on social media

Since the start of lockdown, the number of UK social media users has risen to a staggering 45 million users, leading many businesses to heavily invest in content creation and regular posting. Social media remains a brilliant tool to use to show off your brand’s personality, engage with online customers and improve brand loyalty. Try to regularly update your prospective and existing customers with trusted shared content. Take advantage of being back at work and share photos or videos of your daily activities. Don’t forget the power of social media and how it can still help you to reach your target audience post lockdown.

Ditch old marketing materials

You might have had to change different aspects of your services, hours or discounts, so it is important to update any printed or digital marketing materials to match your existing offerings. Any printed or online leaflets, posters or catalogues will need to be revised in order to show any business changes post Covid-19. There is nothing worse than having misleading information and confusing your customers because you forgot to update your marketing materials.

Marketing Smartly

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Did you embrace the digital world as you adapted your business to meet your customers’ needs during lockdown? Now that things have begun to settle, take the time to experiment with the ways digital marketing could benefit your business long-term. Do more research, invest in new software, try different content marketing tools or take the time to get advice from credible experts that can support you to find sustainable solutions for your marketing needs.

The past two years have been a challenge for businesses all over the world but remember to keep your digital marketing efforts going. Making adjustments to your strategy might seem daunting but investing in digital marketing will pay off in the long run and make sure your business can operate both offline and online.

If you are struggling with your digital marketing activities, get in touch with a member of the team on info@mark-smart.co.uk, to find out how Marketing Smartly can support your business.