Organic reach vs patience

Acquiring followers organically can seem daunting. Organic reach is a strange but powerful beast. It is hard to tame and get under control, but it can prove to be a mighty companion. Increasing your organic following and reach can prove to be a challenging and time-consuming task.

But why can’t you just spend some money and boost your posts to reach more users? Whilst boosting posts seems attractive, even with a well-executed strategy, it is a temporary solution. Once you stop paying, you stop getting results.

Although you might generate a spike in traffic to your website, it might not provide you long-term results that you seek.

It may sound obvious, but the point of social media is to be social.

Brands should be engaging and interact with the individuals and companies following them via social media sites.

Where do you start?

Growing your social media accounts one relationship at a time can take longer than paid methods. However, there is value in this type of organic growth and the ultimate rewards are plentiful and long-lasting.

Here are a few of the many ways you can start to build organically via social media marketing:

Minimize your promotions

Instead of focusing on getting people to buy your products or services, focus on sharing content that your followers find valuable. Try sharing content that tells stories, educates, and inspires your followers. Of course, it does not hurt to throw in a special promotion for your loyal followers every once in a while, (think the 80/20 rule). But these promotions should be mixed in with content that will help viewers get to know you, trust you, and feel connected to you.

Maximize your personality

While you are minimizing sales talk and promotions, take the opportunity to showcase who you are as a business. Show off your staff members, your company values, and your passions as a brand.

Truly engage

To truly engage means to align your content with the interests of your followers. In some cases, this may mean sharing amusing images or videos, depending on your audience and industry.

Once you gain their attention, you should respond to any comments and help them with their needs. Try and think of social engagement as having a real, face-to-face discussion and taking time to listen to what is important to your followers.

Be consistent:

One of the best ways to organically grow accounts is to remain consistent. Stick to a posting schedule and decide what you should (and should not) share on your channels. Take the time to conduct research. You should have a vision for these accounts before you get started. Always remember to have your target audience in mind.

Make social media customer service a top priority

On social media, your customers are literally at your fingertips. You can educate and impress them every day. Any questions received should be responded to as soon as possible. It can be helpful to relate to your audience based on interests. Try to understand your audience's needs and preferences.

Do not stress

The more stress you put on yourself, the easier it is to lose track of what you are doing. Not to mention the fact that too much stress can slow you down, as you get caught up in the small details that do not really impact your growth. Make sure you do not put too much pressure on yourself, as doing so can lead to problems further down the line. If you are not sure how to perform certain tasks on social media, take a step back and try to learn from others or online tutorial videos.

Patience pays off

Patience is not something that many people have, especially those who want to grow a social media account. You can learn a lot by taking your time, picking up small bits of knowledge along the way, and putting them to good use. If you remain patient and continue to take a slow and steady approach, you will find your hard work paying off in the long run.


Organic social media is about connecting with people, not just counting the number of followers. It is about building genuine relationships with your audience by engaging with their posts and content, and they will do so in return.

Do not rely too heavily on the reports you pull from your social media channels. It is always best to take a step back and try to gain insight into what the data means.

It all takes patience but it is worth it in the end!

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